Any of the following shall prima facie constitute examination irregularity, misconduct or malpractice:


Irregularity shall be deemed to have occurred if the candidate sits for an examination for which he/she is not eligible, as may occur when the candidate:

  1. does not register for the approved course.
  2. does not satisfy the attendance requirement of 75%.
  • has not complied with any other requirement(s) prescribed by the Senate, Faculty or Department.

Sanctions: Candidates whose positions are irregular as identified under this heading shall not be allowed to sit for the examination.  Where the irregularity is discovered after the candidate might have sat for the examination, such paper(s) done under irregular conditions shall be nullified.



Misconduct shall be deemed to have occurred under the following instances:

i     failure to observe silence.  The only permissible way for attracting the attention of the invigilator is by the candidate raising of hand.

ii    smoking in the examination hall or room when an examination is in progress.

iii   act(s) of insubordination or insolence to the invigilator(s)

iv    fighting in the examination hall

v    any act(s) of commission or omission that may negatively affect the smooth conduct of the examination.