Faculty of Law Alumni Library: This Library was built by Alumni of the Faculty of Law. It is stocked with a variety of carefully chosen domestic and foreign text books, journals, law reports and other periodicals sufficient for the present research and teaching requirements.  The Library is open to Law students and academic staff only.

In 2001, Dr Solomon Ukhuegbe, an academic staff of the Faculty who was on study leave at Osgoode Hall Law School, University of York, arranged to transfer a large number of Canadian and English law reports and journals to the Law Collection.  A large consignment of Canadian Business Law Journal, Osgoode Hall Law Journal, Canadian Bar Review, Dominion Law Report, Queens Bench Report etc were shipped down from Canada.  The University merely paid the cost of freight. As at 2017, the Faculty of Law Alumni Library holds about 2133 volumes of periodicals (journals and law reports) and 5068 volumes of books.

Ekehuan Campus Library: This houses the collections for the Department of Creative Arts and general reference materials.  It serves as the library for the Department of Creative Arts and the Institute of Public Administration and Extension Services and also as a reading room for all students living at Ekehuan Campus.