Guidance and Counselling: This section offers guidance and counselling services to students in their academic, social, personal and vocational life.  The section is also charged with the arrangements for the reception, registration and orientation of new students.  The Guidance and Counselling section liaises with employers to provide students with information on job opportunities. It handles the registration of Clubs/Associations and students’ sporting activities.  There are presently several Guidance Counsellors in the Division and plans are on to recruit more in the years ahead.  This section runs a Library and Stock Career Resource Materials for students’ reference.  It organizes career week and career talks for students from time to time.

Students’ Services: There are a number of ‘bukas’ and canteens in different parts of the University of Benin where students can feed.  The bukas are operated by individuals contracted and appointed by the University on a yearly basis.  There is no fixed amount for meals.  Students pay as they eat.  Students are advised to be thrifty so that their feeding allowance can sustain them for the semester or session.