Welcome to the Faculty of Law. This faculty has a long tradition of excellence in legal education.As a law faculty, we are committed to the following goals:

  1. Excellence and innovation teaching and research
  2. A strong commitment to the needs of our students.

The faculty of law was established in 1981. We have a robust staff strength of nearly fifty lecturers , including 7 professors, 7 associate professors and two (2) full professors and two (2) associate professors are being considered and hopefully , their status would be announce soonest. There are 4 Departments in the faculty; These are,

  1. Business law (BUL)
  2. Public law (PUL)
  3. Private and property law (PPL)
  4. Jurisprudence and International law ( JIL)

For Administrative convenience,the department have been assigned to students are follows:

  1. 100 level : PPL
  2. 200 Level: BUL
  3. 300 level : PUL
  4. 400 Level : JIL
  5. 500 Level : Deans office

The faculty is made up of LL.B undergraduate students and postgraduate students.Finally, this faculty has a code of conduct and it is expect that student should adhere to all regulations. In particular, all students are expected to comply religiously with the Dress Code which is “Black and White”.

Professor N  Inegbedion